Saturday, September 5, 2009


We had a great time with our cousins! We went to the Grotto up Payson Canyon. It is a favorite place, easy hike and a beautiful waterfall at the end. All the Runolfsons sure wish the Williams lived closer!


Tanner participated in his first dirt biking event! He did a dirt biking rodeo! I knew we had a little bit of western in us! He did barrels and something where he drove over railroad ties. I don't really know all the lingo. He had a lot of fun. I am amazed at how much he is willing to try new things. I wish I had the same courage! Go Tanner!

First Day of First Grade!

My friend asked if I wanted a picture with Emma for the first day of school. I told her that we took one at home and she said, ''Sure, but now she needs one with her teacher!" It has been great having her in my class. I love being able to see her interact with other children her age, and I just love to look at her. She has the best smile!