Sunday, November 29, 2009

Go Girls!

Soccer at B.Y.U.

Emma had a really fun soccer season this year! I had fun being one of the coaches. I actually just substituted the kids in during the game, but everyone needs a job right?! Anyway her team was able to run out with the B.Y.U. girls soccer team before the game started and then they played during half time. They had a great time and felt so grown up! This was the game prior to the famous hair pulling and fighting incident. I was glad the girls did not have to see that. We are excited for spring soccer. Emma loves to play and we love watching her!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jump Rope Miracles

I have a student in my class this year with unique circumstances. The first week of school I knew this year would be a test of my patience and ability to teach. This student gave me some challenges that I have not had to deal with before. Every day for the first week he would run away. He worries constantly about food. He disrupts the class. He doesn't finish most of his work. He needs repeated reminders and assurance about his daily schedule. I love him. He is easy to love. He has a lot of emotional problems that are so unfair and causes many disruptions throughout our day and I love him.

Recess is a big deal, especially for first graders. Every recess you can find a group of kids jumping rope. Do you remember taking turns turning the rope and chanting Cinderella dressed in yellow . . . Anyway, the other day the line began forming and this one boy got in line. I was helping turn the rope and I knew he hadn't jumped before. I was worried about how this was going to turn out. He came up to the rope and missed the first jump. I told him to try again and he missed. The other children were anxious for their turn but I told him to try again. I told him that I would tell him when to jump. As the rope came around I said "jump". His feet left the ground only high enough to barely clear the rope. Again I called out "jump". He made it again. Soon all the children were calling "jump" for this boy. The spirit was strong. The children were united in helping one of their classmate succeed. The smile on his face was priceless. I tried to control my emotions, but even now it moves me to tears. "I did it teacher, I've never jumped rope before." Such joy, pure joy. A miracle had taken place. Heaven and earth were one. For a short moment a boy who has more challenges than seems fair was "just like everyone else".

This moment in this child's education will not be measured on his end of the year test. He will not receive honors for his accomplishment. This exact experience will never be replayed again, but isn't education far more than reading, writing, and math. I sure hope so because if I am wrong then I need to change professions.