Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Time

Over President's Day weekend we spent the afternoon sledding/snowboarding up the canyon. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was a great rest from the craziness of the daily grind. Tanner and Nick had fun snowboarding. Noah and Brian even took a try at it. Noah attempted to sled using the snow shovel and Emma tried to sled on anything and everything she could get her hands on! We made snowmen and snow angels, ate fresh snow (we hope) and wore ourselves out!

Am I Seeing Double?

We recently celebrated the 100th day of school and what a celebration it was! In Kindergarden the kids get to make a poster showing 100 of anything they want. Emma LOVES Swedish Fish, red ones! We decided to make a poster to show her "true love". I have to say, I think her poster was by far the cutest! Needless to say she has since eaten ALL the fish from her poster!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Emma, where is....

If you are missing something you should always ask Emma. She is either wearing it, cutting it, hiding it or saving it for later! What would we do without her!

Snowman poop! Oh my!

Noah is in second grade this year. Part of the holiday celebration is to make gingerbread houses with a parent. Brian came with him and I was able to have someone watch my class so I could be there too! (My classroom is right next door so it worked out great!) I love this picture because it shows Noah's great smile! For the feastivies each child can bring their own candy. We found some mini Jr. Mints at the store and thought they would be great. My first thought was what a cute cobblestone walkway they would make. Then I remembered that I am the mother of three boys and one very silly girl being raised with boys. While making his gingerbread house the cute cobblestones became "snowman poop". For those easily offended I understand if you log off now, for those that know my family you can understand his big smile and laughter! What is it that makes little (and sometimes big) boys think bodily functions are so funny? Anyway the "snowman poop" was a hit and many others added that great feature to their creations!

Last Sunday Nicholas was ordained a Deacon in our church. It was such a great day. He was surrounded by people who love him and want him to have a happy and successful life. He is such an easy boy to love. He is so generous with his affection and smiles. Our lives would not be complete without Nicholas.