Saturday, May 29, 2010

Early Morning 5K

I ran a 5K this morning. This is the first race I have ran with just me and my ipod. I was a bit nervous. I have always ran with a group of friends. As you know, when girlfriends get together they love to talk, and we do!

When I first began running my friend Teri and I ran the Payson Onion Day 5K. We were pleased with our race until the guy running behind us said, "You would both run a lot faster if you didn't talk." We laughed because he was probably right and we beat him!

Today I didn't talk, well I sang in my head but that doesn't count! I ran and I ran hard. I couldn't have talked. Last year I ran a 5K and today I beat that time by 4 minutes!! I guess he was right and I bet I would still beat him!

I am running a 10mile race on June 12. Just me and my trusted ipod! I will let you know how it goes!