Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing With the Stars No More

I love watching Dancing With the Stars. In fact, my parents got me hooked on it. Tonight may just be the last night I watch because Emma likes to watch it also. As we were watching one of the teams got ready to dance. The boy took off his shirt. The girl had on a bikini style outfit covered in fringe. The boy and girl began to dance and Emma said, "they are not modest are they mom." Can't really agrue with that. Then they begin to bump and grind. Apparently this is a new dance to the show, a forbidden dance. Emma then asks, "do they love each other?" so I ask, "do you think they do?" and she responds, "it sure looks like it!" Is that what love looks like, lust for sure! Now it is time for damage control! Donny Osmond just danced. Emma thought he was modest, now if we can just keep him from pretending to kiss Bruno!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Family

We decided to head up the canyon and take some family pictures. We bought a new camara and wamted to play around with it a bit. WE LOVE IT! There is a lot we need to learn but we already feel like we have much better pictures now! Enjoy!