Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our True Identity

Our True Identity

I have watched this video several times in preparation for a guest speaker we will be having for Young Women's.  I believe this is a message that is so important for not only the young women in our ward to hear, but for each one of us.  It is tough to remember how amazing we are truly when we are bombarded with media that tells us otherwise.  We each need to know that we are Daughters of our Heavenly Father and that he does love us.  I hope this message is an inspiration to you like it has been for me!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy 16th Tanner!

Our oldest is 16 today! Does that make us old too? We think Tanner is pretty wonderful. Here are 16 reasons why.

1. He has beautiful blue eyes!

2. He stands up for what is right.

3. He is very obedient.

4. He loves seminary.

5. He is a great dirt bike rider and shares his bike with his dad.

6. He is an unstoppable goalie!

7. He can run really fast but will also run with his mom who isn't so fast.

8. He can fold ALOT of laundry!

9. He hasn't broke the speed limit yet, we will keep our fingers crossed!

10. He is a hard worker.

11. He is creative and loves to build things.

12. He finds ways to earn money and is great at saving for what he wants.

13. He honors the priesthood.

14. He loves to go hunting!

15. He loves to spend time with his grandparents!

16. He is easy going and fun to hang out with.