Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sometimes I wish I didn't care what other people thought. I wish I didn't care so much about making other people happy or like me. I think I fear that if I stop caring so much I will turn into the jerk of the world. I need to find a balance. Any ideas?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lessons from Hockey

As many of you know, we are a hockey family. This year we had all three boys playing and boy was it crazy at times. Emma has vowed to NEVER play hockey! We have spent almost every weekend from September to March sitting in an often cold ice rink cheering for our boys. I have wondered, as you may also, why we are doing this. Don't get me wrong, before we had kids Brian and I enjoyed the occasionally hockey game. In fact, we went to a hockey game on our first date. Destiny you may think, maybe maybe not. Anyway hockey has become a way of life in our home.
This has been Noah's first year playing goalie. As I watched him warm up and play in his games it reminded me of two brothers who used to be smaller than the net. Watching him helped me remember the joy of playing for fun. The pressure of competition is absent. We were able to watch some players perfect their snow angels on the ice. Some were in it to win it. The majority loved what they were doing and it showed. Joy, that is what we learned from watching Noah. Thanks buddy for a great season!
I remember a game when Nic's team went into overtime. When no one scores in overtime you have a shoot out. Not like the OK corral style but as the mom of the goalie it felt like it. What happened was each team choose three players to get one chance to shoot on the goalie. As I looked at Nic, ready in the net, all I could see was my little boy, the one who loved to be snuggled. Oh how I wanted to go down and stand by him, to take the shots for him. Lesson for me. He was prepared. He knew what to do and he did it well. His team won and I will admit I shed some tears. Did Nic need me, no he knew what to do. Was he nervous, of course. Was he ready for the challenge? Yes. This experience will play itself out in many forms in Nic's life. I hope we are preparing him well. I know he will be up for the task and we will always have his back.
When I look at Noah in his goalie gear I can't help but think of Tanner and how he has changed. He is bigger than the net now and is a great goalie. He has had a variety of seasons over the years. Some have been championship years and others lacking in the winning department. We have watched him have excellent defense. They kept the puck away from the net and protected their goalie. They made his job look easy. He has had other times where it was just him and the other team. Alone in enemy teritory. Not a fun place to be but he uses the skills he has been taught and more time than naught he prevails. Isn't that so like life. Sometime we are surrounded by others that can help us succeed, but there will always be sometime in our life when we are left alone to see what we are made of. Tanner has proven himself time and time again on and off the ice. We are grateful he is our son.
Next winter we will be back on the ice, ready for new experiences and challenges. Yes, our boys can skate and defend off a puck, but they are learning skills that will help them face the challenges and experiences of life. I know this has been a long post, but it's for my boys and I don't think they mind.