Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Nick!

Today Nic turns 13! Yea! Anybody that knows Nic loves him. He is a great friend, fun brother and wonderful son. I have read other blogs where they write as many great things about the birthday person for how many years old they are. I can think of many more things beyond 13 that are great about Nic but for now I will stick to 13! Happy birthday Nicholas!

1. He gives the best hugs!

2. He will still tell his parents he loves them, even when his friends are around.

3. If there is a good time to be enjoyed, count Nic in!

4. He lets his mom spell his name Nic even though he likes Nick.

5. He loves a good joke.

6. He can't ever finish a good joke because he is laughing before he even gets to the punch line.

7. He is sensitive to other people feelings.

8. He is very loyal to his family and friends.

9. He looks out for the underdog.

10. He doesn't worry about following the crowd.

11. He loves to play with his sister and brothers.

12. He is awesome at stopping the puck!

13. He is proud to be Nic!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Runolfson's house. We had great food and a fun visit with Santa! We spent some time with Great Grandma Runolfson and then made our annual trip to the cemetery to light candles. It is a beautiful tradition. Christmas morning was full of screams and delights. The older boys each received an IPod touch and Noah got a B.Y.U. Ipod. ( He LOVES Taylor Swift and like to listen to the primary songs they are learning this year for their program.) All Emma wanted was an American Girl doll. Every day we were reminded. She told Santa that she understood if he couldn't get her one, but that was all she really wanted though. Her heart was set and Santa did not disappoint! It was a fun day!

Dance Your Heart Out

Emma's dance teacher gives the children an opportunity to choreograph their own dance routine. She and her friend Hannah danced together this year. Skipping is such a great skill! They had a blast and felt like stars! It was so worth it!

Noah's third grade program

We started out the holidays with Noah's third grade program. What a great way to bring the Christmas spirit! It was really fun to hear him practicing all the songs around the house. My favorite was Silver Bells. My grandpa had my mom play it every year on the piano before we could open presents Christmas Eve. Every time I would hear it on the radio it warmed my heart. I miss my grandpa. Noah has some great friends in his class. Enjoy the pictures!