Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Ipod and I Did It Again!

As I laid in bed I could hear the rain. Not just a sprinkle but real rain. The kind you don't want to be running in. The kind that makes you turn off your alarm and snuggle back into the covers. I had a race to run though. A race I had been training for and a race I was prepared for. As I lay there listening to the rain I made a few wardrobe adjustments in my head and waited. I woke up before the alarm (I don't think I really slept anyway) and got ready and the rain continued. I drove to the race start and the rain continued. I wondered if this would become a biathlon, running and swimming :) I pinned on my bib and boarded the bus and the rain continued. The bus reached its destination and the rain ceased. It was cold and wet but no rain.
As I visited with some fellow runners I predicted it would be a dry run. They smiled at me and began talking about previous rainy runs and how horrible they were. I commented on the beauty of the morning. They chuckled at my optimism. I guess I should have told them I am a Washington girl at heart, and it really was beautiful.
The race began a few minutes early and we were all grateful. No rain only pounding feet and light conversations. My Ipod and I had begun! I felt great! The view was spectacular! The music was rockin!
As I headed down Provo Canyon I could see the Utah Valley Marathoners running. Some were running strong, some were struggling, some were walking. I said a quick prayer for them, I wish I could have lent them my fresh running legs. They were inspiring. I thought of our good friend Riley. I knew he was running the marathon and wished him well.
I had a goal to finish my race in 1 hour 40 minutes. I was hoping to shave a few minutes off of that time. As a I ran I wondered how I was doing. I felt strong and confident. I had prepared well. As I neared the finish I could see the time clock. 1 hour 27 minutes. Did you see that, 1 hour 27 minutes! I started to cry. Then I saw my family. More crying while still trying to breathe normal and run. Brian was taking pictures and my kids were cheering me on. I am yelling, "do you see the clock?!"
I had a great morning. Oh, and it didn't rain the whole time!