Monday, February 15, 2010

Weight Watchers, please be mine

So here's the deal. I just got back from In n Out. Great food. Tomorrow I am starting weight watchers again. I need to get back in control. I need a plan. I need to practice some self control. I need all the working out I do to make a difference, not just allow me to eat at In n Out and maintain my muffin top instead of letting it explode! My game plan is to let all of you in on my quest so that you can encourage me and help keep me on the path to better food choices. My sister called and asked if I wanted to run a half marathon with her and my older sister. Game on! I have a goal now. The race is in June. I don't want to be last, not really worried about being first either :) I have cool sisters and I want to run with them and then maybe do a little shopping. Sounds fun huh! So if you see me reaching for the peanut M n M's go ahead and ask me about the race I am running in, if I have a crazed look in my eyes maybe head me in the direction of the small peanut M n M bag instead of the 2lb. one. Thanks in advance for your help!